Intelisys Creates Strategic New Role: Mike McKenney Named VP, Supplier Sales

Watch Mike McKenney talk about his new role, which was created to drive maximum and measurable incremental revenue through Supplier Relationships.

Intelisys is thrilled to announce to the channel that Mike McKenney has been selected to spearhead the newly developed role of Vice President, Supplier Sales. VP, Supplier Sales, another channel first for Intelisys, was born out of the recognition that Intelisys’ industry brand as "Home of the Top Performer" can and should extend across all of its partnerships – Supplier Partners and Sales Partners alike.

Vice President, Supplier Sales, will create original revenue driving programs for new and existing Suppliers in the Intelisys portfolio. In this position, McKenney will work closely with the Intelisys leadership team to develop and implement programs to drive and grow revenue. He will work side-by-side with the existing Intelisys Supplier Management Team to maintain an exemplary experience for all Partners within the Intelisys community.

"Our Supplier Partners are seeking even greater sales success with Intelisys, and we have invested in this new Supplier Sales practice to develop new and targeted ways to exceed their expectations," said Dana Topping, co-owner of Intelisys. "This role was developed to bring new increased value to our Sales Partners through creative programs not yet seen in the channel. With a growing portfolio of more than 100 Supplier Partners, we are investing in those relationships in a very meaningful way, aligning resources to maximize opportunity and giving custom programs an international footprint."

Read the full press release HERE

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